The Value of The Home owner

Its fairly common to here about how appraisers briefly view the home and then they are gone. It is to be noted that most of the work begins after the inspection of the property, but the value of the homeowner should not be excluded. The most valuable information you will receive about a property besides public record data is the information from the homeowner. Being able to speak to them regarding the property that may not be as apparent upon a visual inspection can be extremely helpful. Often times, homeowners have records of the maintenance done on the property and a list of all upgrades as well. Some of these valuable "tidbits" may go unnoticed upon inspections. It provides that added value to a credible appraisal report. Taking the time to get to build rapport with the homeowner is a vital part of our property inspections. Its an integral part of our appraisal process. Engaging in some conversation helps gain knowledge about the home. If you are a home owner, it is important to have all pertinent information regarding the improvements made to your home.