Terms and Conditions

Appraiser Terms & Conditions

You will be acting as an independent contractor and not as an employee, partner or agent of Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC.
Nothing contained herein shall constitute a partnership or joint venture between Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC and Provider.
Further, nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to create an employment relationship between Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services,
LLC and Provider.


Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC may contract an independent contractor on an assignment to assignment basis with no
guarantees or warranty for any assignment beyond that individual assignment accepted.  Contractual fee per individual assignment will be
clearly stated prior to acceptance by individual contractor.  Any increase in fees is at the sole discretion of Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal
Services, LLC.  The individual contractor is responsible for payment of all State, Federal, Foreign or local taxes including income tax,
withholding tax, social security tax or pension contributions, on the funds distributed to Contractor from Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal
Services, LLC. Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC is not responsible for payment of taxes or penalties applicable to nonpayment or
underpayment of taxes.


It is recognized by the parties to this agreement that the contractor, in connection with the services to be performed by contractor pursuant
to the terms of this agreement , may be obliged to spent money for travel, automobile, insurance, telephone, and similar business
expenses. Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC shall not be liable to the Contractor for any business or other expenses incurred by
Contractor in connection with the performance of this Agreement.  Such shall not be factored in to any compensation earned by Contractor
from Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC.


Whereas payable invoices are addressed on a regular, timely and routine basis, independent contractor acknowledges, recognizes and
accepts that every effort will be made by Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC to pay in full within forty five of completed contract
appraisal.  Completed contract appraisal is defined as that service provided by the independent contractor which A) meets all standards
attested to below, B) conforms to client provided requirements prior to accepted contract, C) has been identified as “complete” in Pilgrim
Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC website/domain/management structure.  All parties acknowledge and agree the independent contractor
compensation is NOT contingent upon Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC collecting fees;  furthermore compensation will not be
withheld or delayed in any manner which would violate state, federal, or industry regulatory laws and terms.


I understand that all appraisal assignments completed by me on behalf of Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC must conform to
generally accepted appraisal standards as evidences by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) promulgated
by the Appraisal Standards Board (ASB) of the Appraisal Foundation.  I understand that complete compliance with the Home Valuation
Code of Conduct, FHA Guidelines, State Laws, Inter-agency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines are required.  I also acknowledge that I
have received, read, understand, and agree to comply with the Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC Independent contractor
requirements, and appraisal minimum standards as provided and determined by the client/lender.

Independent contractor certifies that any questions in regards to compliance including but not limited to those applicable agencies,
regulations, and laws disclosed above, have been specifically asked and/or provided to Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC prior to
accepting this agreement.  As such, independent contractor recognizes the sole responsibility for compliance and hereby indemnifies
Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC and its associates from any matters including but not limited to legal, regulatory, and association
related sanctions. Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC  will not shield, protect, or participate on behalf of the independent contractor in
any matter arising out of action performed by the independent contractor. Pilgrim Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC is determined to comply
with all salient industry, state, and federal guidelines in regards to appraisal management.  As such, all parties recognize the role of Pilgrim
Colonial Appraisal Services, LLC in the appraisal process and its capacity as a vehicle to unite lenders and appraisers.