LTV – Loan to Value

Loan to value is simply a ratio between your loan and the value of your home. These two elements create the equation LTV = Loan Amt / Home Value.

Loan amt is considered to be a fixed variable as you can dictate the loan amount you choose. Home values is a variable that will fluctuate over time.

Ex. You borrow $80,000 for a home worth $100,000.

Your LTV is LTV = 80000/100000 = .80

Typically, LTVs lower than .80 (80%) allow for the removal of PMI. Lenders have different requirements so its important to speak to them for the specifics. Ultimately the more you pay down your loan OR the higher the value your home goes will lower your LTV rate.

If this house you purchased for $100,000 is now worth $120,000, then your LTV is LTV = 80000/120000 = .67(67%). This is also assuming you didnt pay down the loan over that time so in actuality, the LTV would be lower depending on that timeline.

Why this is important is because if you are on the line of qualifying for PMI removal or being eligible for refinance, its important to keep your options open. The best way to do this is pay down your mortgage the best you can. This gives you options in the future if you have a hardship and need to refinance. If the market is down or interest rates have climbed, you’ve enabled yourself to be in a situation where you can avoid problems.

Here are some suggestions for increasing home values.

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