A La Mode’s MLS Importing Tool – Par with Datamaster?

This is not to endorse Alamode, but their constant ability to solve appraiser quagmires is simply amazing.
The MLS importing tool is a tool to benefit from when using TOTAL.

On the surface, the idea of taking everything from MLS and importing it would appear to be a mistake, but that doesn’t have to be how its utilized. Of course you will review the data entered always but this tool allows for instant importing to the sales grid. No need to worry about mistyping an MLS number or an address because its taken directly from the file. mls-importer

Once you have selected a file, you will need to create a template. Importing everything isnt necessary and really not recommended. There are certain fields that require specific formatting. Whether that be personal preference or client specific, these “personalizations” are a reflection of our product or just a necessity. What’s impressive is A la mode has considered that and they offer what they call a “clean up data during import” feature.

This tool really allows you to be in charge of how you want the data being imported to appear on the grid. Lets be clear that properly setting this up does take some time, but in the long term, it will yield a return of your time investment.

Your local MLS formatting is fixed. They have certain abbreviations for fields and certain formatting options that may not work for your sales grid, but being clever in setting up certain “clean up” rules, you can get around some of those obstacles.

You even have the ability to merge two columns into one field, which is helpful at times when MLS splits address into two columns (address number, address line 1).






Is this a replacement to datamaster? The answer is no. For what datamaster provides in regards to comparing the Public Record data to MLS data and having the ability to choose which data you want on the fly, you wont get that with simply importing the MLS data with A la mode, but your comparing it to a free tool. Datamaster’s fees vary on the option you go with. Furthermore, the MLS data (as you’re well aware) is not always accurate. So both tools have their place with appraisers. Datamasters does go above and beyond the limitations of the MLS importer but if you’re looking to try out a handy tool that Alamode provides for free, take on the MLS importer.

If you haven’t used either tool, you should try both! Datamaster offers a free 14 day trial and the MLS importer does cost some time setting it up however it may surprise you in how customizable the importing can be. Consider the time return on these tools. Consider the fact that typos will be reduced. You may decide that they are worth a try.





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