Leica D810 Touch Distance Laser Measure – Year Review

One of the most important tools an appraiser has on the field is their measure. We prefer the Leica Disto – specifically the D810. After a year of using it we give it 5 stars for the following reasons

  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Camera and LCD display
  • Records measurements
  • Advanced measuring features.

Without question, for most users who will be using their laser measure daily, it is imperative to acquire a laser measure with rechargeable batteries. The D810 comes with a built-in lithium ion battery and charges from USB.

Another feature that is imperative to have is the camera on the device. Not only will it record a picture of the measurement being taken but it aids in hitting your target. When working outside on sunny days, the red laser dot may be hard to see. Having the LCD display, hitting the target is very easy to do.

The D810 does have bluetooth to connect directly into Alamode or any other measuring software. The advanced measuring features allow for the user to approach almost any type of measurement. These do run on the higher end of measures however it is worth the time savings if you are a professional that utilizes a measure daily. After utilizing this laser measure over the past year, we recommend this over the D2 and the E7500i due to the camera. Especially southern appraisers who experience more sunlight. If you are having a hard time seeing the red laser, the D810 settles that with an onboard camera.
Leica DISTO D810 Touch 660ft Laser Distance Measurer w/Bluetooth and 1mm Accuracy, Red/Black